Real Estate Law

is a very specialized area. Most Attorneys only have a small amount of training and experience in Real Estate Law. It takes experience to understand the complicated contracts and repercussions of many transactions.

Big Sky Law for Utah Real Estate Contract ReviewBig Sky Law is very experienced in Real Estate law. We conduct Real Estate Closings on a daily basis and this gives us experience in closing and representing you in all types of transactions, Commercial, Residential, Lease Option and Seller Finance.

Seller finance transactions are a very specialized and complicated part of real estate. Don’t trust just anyone to protect your interests. As a Seller or a Buyer there are many situations that can arise to expose risk. We look at every transaction as if we were the interested party. We will explain all the risks as well as the benefits to you, before you sign any paper work. It is important for both the Trustor and the Beneficiary to understand how the final payoff will be handled, due on sale clauses for the underlying loans, what the unusual terms are and how a foreclosure would affect both parties.

Commercial transactions should always have an attorney acting as the intermediary. Reviewing exceptions to title, leases, easements, zoning and helping negotiate the terms doesn’t require an Attorney, but you owe it to yourself and your partners to spend a little extra money and protect your investment. With Big Sky Law we also are qualified to CLOSE your transaction, so you can use us for your Escrow and Legal Representation needs.

1031 transactions are a very valuable tool for investment property owners. Big Sky Law will draw up the paperwork and help you follow the IRS guidelines, protecting you from the risk of paying capital gains! If you have fully depreciated your investment properties, talk to your accountant about the benefits of a 1031 transaction, then call us to make it happen.

Having one of our competent Attorneys review your Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) on any transaction, before you sign it, is recommended. We will evaluate the risks and explain what you need to know.

We help Landlords! We will draw up leases that will give you the best protections in the event you have to evict someone from your property and will help protect you from the actions of your tenants. We will help you navigate the complicated process of eviction making sure you have your property vacant and ready to lease as soon as possible.

No lender is happy when they have to make the decision to Foreclose on a Borrower. We will handle the entire process leaving you to do what you do best. We also will work hard to convince your borrower to sign a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, to alleviate the expense of a 3-4 month Foreclosure Process.

Short Sale negotiations are very complicated. Don’t allow just anyone to help you through a Short Sale. Your short sale is exposing you to deficiency judgments, IRS tax consequences and if not done quickly you could end up with a foreclosure even though you are working a short sale. Let our Short Sale negotiation dept give you the confidence that an Attorney is talking to your bank and negotiating in your behalf.

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