Joel Kenny Utah Divorce AttorneyOne of the hardest decisions anyone will make in a lifetime. You have built a life together, you have assets that will need to be spilt as evenly as possible and you may have children together. A turbulent household is not good for the children, so stop the guilt and let’s figure it out. We will make the process as fair and painless as possible.

Child Custody resolution is not easy, but YOU know where the best place for the children is. We are committed to helping you make the right decision when it comes to the kids. It is true that most mothers in Utah retain custody of the children, but that isn’t always the case.

Our job is to roll up our sleeves and make it work for our client. If you want custody of the children there may be custody evaluations, and other legal hoops to jump through, but that is why we are YOUR Attorney. We will do everything we can to make sure your wishes are met. We will have to demonstrate to a court why you feel you are the better choice. There are things we can do to help you build a case that will help the Judge see it your way. We can help!

Child Support: regardless of who retains physical custody of the children, the non custodial parent will be required to pay child support. The support is based on the income of both parents with a minimum being required no matter if the non custodial parent is working or not.

Child visitation has minimum guidelines set out by the State of Utah, we at Big Sky Law realize those standard guidelines don’t work for every situation. NOW is the time to outline what does work. Remember those guidelines are the minimum. If you want to seek joint physical custody or have more than the minimum visitation or have other ideas of what you are willing to commit to, NOW is the time! Take the time to think of every situation that you want to be guaranteed in writing. We can make that part of the divorce decree, alleviating the need to return to court multiple times after the divorce is final, to amend visitation. Now is when you have the best chance of getting what you think is important for time spent raising your kids.

Splitting assets must be figured out and is never easy. Remember to save your battles for what is important. It is better to let the other spouse win on some things allowing you bargaining power for the big things. We will help you figure out a fair division of the assets. Caution should be used when you are dividing the obligations.  if your ex-spouse is obligated to pay a bill and doesn’t your credit will be harmed.  The divorce decree is an agreement between the two of you, but the creditor has both of you on the hook for the obligation.

Alimony is the hardest word in the divorce dictionary.  No one likes to hear it except the one receiving it.  There are some very real and deserving reasons for alimony.

If you are our client and you fit the parameters for receiving it, we will fight to get you what you rightfully have coming.

If you are the spouse being required to pay it, as our client, you can be assured that we will do everything possible to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.  Not every stay at home spouse is awarded alimony.  Let us review your personal situation and we will help you make a determination.

Divorce is never easy, but making sure everything is determined at the time of the final decree will save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court time later.  Big Sky Law  is here to make that happen.